My Story


Having worked in medicine for over 30 years, I’m here to support your holistic wellness journey. Through my compassionate and intuitive approach, I’ll show you how you can gain awareness of how stress is impacting you, create emotional and mental clarity, build confidence and resourcefulness to move towards living life to the full. 

Many people have been let down by traditional medicine. They feel let down by a system that focuses on symptoms rather than root causes, often put on medication without being seen, heard or treated as a whole person.

Now they are seeking something outside of traditional medicine. They are looking for someone who takes them seriously and doesn’t dismiss them. I too have felt dismissed, in a system that focuses on illness and not wellness without considering what matters to you. 

Traumatic stress causes human suffering and distress, leading to mental and physical illness. 

The amount of stress we are exposed to in childhood determines how we show up in the world – our thinking, our feelings, our behaviours and our relationships.

Having awareness of my childhood conditioning and personal stress responses and how they manifest in my life has allowed me to.

Create a nurturing, loving relationship with myself and others

Become more intentional, authentic and purposeful in the way I show up in the world

Curate a new career that is impactful and meaningful and aligns with my passions, strengths and values

Live a more peaceful, contented and fulfilling life

Drawing on my professional and personal experiences my award winning Holistic Medic approach has proven to be impactful in empowering people from all walks of life to live a life that is fulfilling and thriving, and showcases that medication is not always the cure that it is perceived to be. 

Dr Karen Sankey

What I Provide