Authentic, dynamic, caring, supportive, strong, honest… some of the many words I’d use to describe Karen’s unique style of blended coaching (the list could go on!).

Karen is super-skilled (powered!) in ‘holding space’ and as her coachee you will always feel safe, secure & supported. She glimmers with hope & positivity in such a gentle, intuitive & caring way that you absolutely know she truly wants to & will help you (re)find your pathway…


Karen is a wonderful coach. I worked with her when I was recovering from a major illness, but was also in the throes of developing my business.

Karen held the space for me to think with such kindness and compassion that I felt able to accept where I was in my recovery, yet also move forward with confidence and energy. Karen’s coaching style is deeply empathetic but you are also in no doubt that you are moving forward, with her at your side.


Before I worked with Karen I wondered what was wrong with me, through her coaching now I know the question should have always been what happened to me to make me feel the way I did. This rephrase is the motivation I needed to realise my history was not my life story but a way I could rewrite my outlook and realise I am good enough


I met Karen in 2022. I had lost everything through alcohol addiction. I was living in a homeless shelter and that’s where I met her. We sat down and we had a conversation. This conversation helped me turn my life around. For the first time in my life I felt heard, her support and kindness helped me out of the darkness. She saved my life.

Karen helped me build my own toolkit that I use on a daily basis. I am now 2 years sober and I have my life back because of her. I am now in the position to help those suffering see a way out too.


My sessions with Karen are always very reassuring and helpful. Karen is a skilled listener and empathetic and once she has understood your issues, because of her knowledge and experience, she is able to provide guidance and tools so that you can begin the process of healing. She is completely trustworthy, genuine and kind in her approach. One very special lady.